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Nov. 28th, 2009


"today's my birthday & my father said i could have anything i want."

"good for you & your father."
"so guess what i want."
"a new brain?"
"nooooo. your. BIKE."
"hah! hahaha! ha, ha, haaa!"
"what's so funny, pee wee?"
"it's not for sale. fraaannn. cis."

let's celebrate "slipping into another rut day"! it's one of my favorites, because it is always a suprise & never falls on the same day twice from year to year.

i am tired & want to have all my shit done with so i can comfortably sit in my rut, instead of with anxiety in the back of my head. boo.

i'll give somebody twenny whole smackers to do my paper for me, & draw my picture, & go socialize with all my aquaintances, so i can lie in bed alllll day. god that sounds good.

Sep. 20th, 2009


fucken devendra banhart.

"if i lived in china, i'd have some chinese children."

how high are you constantly, devendra banhart?

if your only good song is "the body breaks", i am gonna be so pissed.


"if i lived in russia, i'd have some chinese children
if i lived in kenya, they'd still be chinese children."

yeah, i think he upgraded to acid just then in the song. WHAT THE FUCK, BANHART. YOU are FIRED.

Sep. 18th, 2009

golden afternoon


unless you're in the market for porn, the internet isn't the mystical playground i could spend hours on like it once was.

... guess it's time to upgrade to porn. wooooo!

being home for the weekend is nice, but everyone goes to bed before 4 a.m. weird.

p.s.: i never thought i'd miss using limewire as much as i did. i have downloaded so much shit thus far. i'm not on a roll, though. i'm actually quite sleepy.

Sep. 16th, 2009

happy family

d00d lauren

marcy playground plays in foxborough the 29th.
butthole surfers in boston the 30th.
amanda palmer the 14th in boston. [i dunno if i wanna see her yet again, but i thought i'd mention]
pixies the 27th & 28th of november in mass.


so pick some so we can go rock out.

Sep. 11th, 2009

little red

"uncle shelby."

so i love shel silverstein. he's kinda like roal dahl in that he's sometimes crass & doesnt baby kids, except shel actually likes 'em.

[dahl was notorious for hating children.]

so i saw there was a fortieth anniversary copy of the giving tree for sale on amazon & that made me all nostalgiafaced. but i noticed out of like the thousand-or-so reviews, there was maybe three hundred just from angry moms who said the book wasn't watered down enough, that their kids were going to either become selfish & use people or become doormats for abusive spouses.

fuck. them. i bet they're gonna homeschool their kids well into high school. who the hell pussyfoots around making their kids sad, or at the very least thoughtful? who wants to be stuck reading shitty stories about cows on farms? i'm probably not going to become a mother, but at the very least i'll be getting my sister's kid a copy of this book if it's not something she & kate take from our family library. it's just one of those things; i am not going to pass on this disease of childhood monotony & political correctness.

so fighting the man aside, i'm buzzed on cold pills & i dont have any more classes for today, so i think it's naptime.

Sep. 8th, 2009



i'm not a sack of misery per se. just general whineyness, because i'm not all that miserable. i wanna shmeep. i should get on a regular schedule.

i should be exhausted from making fun of david for only having sex on a futon his whole life except for once on a bed but then they moved back to the futon in the same day, but i'm not.

i know, right? ahahaha.

i also need:
x. toothpaste
x. more towels
x. nice plugs
x. to mail this letter to alana
x. a snack
x. this pepper shaker i stole to stop smelling like pepper so i can put sugar in it for my coffee
x. aderrall
x. or ambien, whichever
x. or both
1a. maybe just some iced turbo shots from dunkins...
2a. nyquil. so i guess i solved my problems. nevermind.
x. a clean room
x. my bike to not be broke no more
x. a hookah
x. but above all else, A FUCKING JOB TO GET ALL OF THIS*.

*excluding the shit that doesnt need money to get done. i.e.: pepper shaker scent.

Sep. 4th, 2009



i dont know if this was a single, notable occurance or if it's something i made up...

in the 60's, maybe 70's, there was a mental house that was an actual house & they let a bunch of crazies just fend for themselves as therapy? anybody know the name of that house/experiment? i wanna find out who ever was responsible for that so i can do my report on him/her for psychology... if it was even a real thing, & not something i just made up. help.

now i'm going to bed. maybe. if neopets doesnt get to me first.

i wish i were joking.

Sep. 3rd, 2009



ya know what's refreshing? i havent been wearing acne-covering makeup. just eye stuff. it feels nice, because when i wake up, that's the grodiest my face is going to look all day, as opposed to looking nice for an hour or so then sweating off all of the makeup & looking all cakey & flakey. because honestly, nobody fucken cares [at least i dont anymore], & i'm not out to bang anybody. maybe my face will start clearing up from not wearing makeups & i will have that self-esteem thing people talk about. or maybe i'll just... be looking grody for no reason. whaaaadev.

the lack of intimate &/or personal conversation bugs me, but i guess i have to get to know these people for a longass time before we start talking about stuff i give a shit about. uuuugh. i am so impatient when it comes to courting friends. i want to be best friends, right now. i dont want to have to get to know you first. it takes too long.

in the meantime, my classes are lame, but not unbearable. time for shmeeping so i can wake up at 7.00, then start my four-day weekend! :3

p.s.: i've had the stupid so ya think ya can dance zombie song stuck in my head on & off for like three days now. ... not that i'm complainin.

"i see party people". th-th-they're everywhere!

Sep. 2nd, 2009


(no subject)

i have been sleeping all day & i am tired.

i am too stupid to be in college. or at least in my psychology class. i feel isolated & a hatred for everyone who considers me a new friend.

there is an anger & a loneliness boiling up in me that i havent felt in a long-ass time. i think it's almost time for my period or something.

i feel like breathing fire, which i cant do, so i'm going to go breathe smoke.

most importantly, i am going to get out of this dormitory.

Aug. 27th, 2009


"boo, college."

i redid the black in my hair. it's gross. i might strip it in a little while. then again, i dunno. ehh. ehhh-hhh. ... yeah, gettin' rid of it.

so. tomorrow.

x. packing
x. stripping hair
x. uhm... packing
x. freaking out
x. packing

& then around 9.00 a.m. on friday, i'm gonna be movin in.


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